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Published: December 03, 2009 in India [email protected] here, when the Writers Guild of America went on strike in 2007, it looked as if Hollywoods balance of power favoring big, money-hungry studios would never be the same again.
I use Break Media as an example because its CEO is a fellow by the name of Keith Richman, who we recently added to our [email protected]: Could online casino ohne download jaf you talk about how the rise of cloud computing is changing the screenwriting industry and how it could change it down the road?Rajaraman: Josh found us, but yes.Despite that honor, he couldnt garner attention from mainstream producers or directors.When movies like Fargo and some old Coen brothers movies were made, you raised money from private financiers, who would give you US25,000 to make your movie.The Writers Guild West consists of about 9,500 writers, a very small group.We charge the producers for access to our writers.The film industry is already thriving in Bollywood, and Ryan Buckley, my partner, went to India as part of his studies and had some Scripped meetings to discuss doing work with producers.We charge writers a nominal fee to enter the contests as a self-selection mechanism.Rajaraman: There are two sides of the revenue equation: the writer side and the producer side.But needless to say, we are very intrigued about what can be done in [email protected]: Given Slumdog Millionaires Oscar, how is Scripped approaching India?Scripped makes it easier to share drafts, track real-time changes and so forth.Do you sense what you are doing at Scripped can be applied in different arenas?
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[email protected]: Lets discuss obscure markets.