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I remember the very, very first time I smoked DMT.
McKenna is sampled on track one of this online flash casino 2013 no deposit bonus Psy-Trance collection.
A phrase from McKenna is sampled and repeated on track five: Hosanna.
Terence K McKenna (1988) Non-ordinary States of Reality Through Vision Plants.Pacifica Radio, Presented: wie gewinne ich am spielautomaten los Scottish Rite Auditorium, Los Angeles.Six roulette spiel free 2 dutzend audiotapes of the eponymous panel, presented at the Association for Transpersonal Psychology conference Thresholds of Creativity.Terence K McKenna (1995) Seeds; the truth about hemp.McKenna appears on tracks one, four, five and seven: Shaman I Am (Solar Ray Mix Shaman I Am (Eclipse Mix The Whisper in the Trees and Shamania.Pacifica Radio, Presented: Wilshire Ebell Theater.McKenna appears for a few seconds on track fifteen: Terence McKenna.Terence K McKenna (1993) True Hallucinations with Terence McKenna.Two audiotapes of the panel at the 1994 Institute of Transpersonal Psychology conference.Dolphin Tapes; Lux Natura, isbn.She Who Remembers (818) 287-8254, Presented: Phoenix Bookstore.Terence K McKenna (1987, 17 Oct) Understanding and Imagination in the Light of Nature.