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Blending your food has the health benefit of avoiding the nutrient destroying process of cooking.
Most people realize that fat is high in calories and some slot machine pc game download fats are very bad for your health (i.e.With fiber supplements its not as challenging as youd think.They body is very good at pulling nutrition directly from foods.Blend them with some fruit.This efficiency increases even more when the food is blended; cell walls are broken, releasing nutrition that might have passed through the body untouched.Preparation Prepare fresh foods the night before blending, or use frozen foods for added convenience and equivalent diet benefits.Clean Up Cleaning your blender is easy as long as you do it immediately after using.If your goals are weight control and good health, controlling the amount of your fat in your diet is essential.You can easily get 3 or 4 servings of vegetables and their associated diet benefits before lunch with little or no fat or cholesterol. I tend to always have these items. The trick to this meal, is to have the ingredients on hand!This is one of those easy, healthy, gluten free meals you make when you really are hungry and dont want to spend very long cooking.