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Call centers will become obsolete or at least change the way they work, resulting in the rise of mobile customer service apps.
Interestingly, Facebook will play a key role in helping these canonically simple platforms to grow.
Because attention spans are shorter than ever, immediate gratification and easy learning drive growth.Businesses seeking to take advantage of this trend will need to achieve a new level of simple, concise messaging and engagement models.In 2014, marketing/social-media management software will become more affordable, allowing small businesses to better manage their digital marketing and social-media campaigns.Cilli VDA Metal (JC).Cassidy/Alexander catalog # VDA 34-8.We will also see many of these tools fuse search and social marketing.How can you productively interact with your customers in short bursts?This dedicated team, consisting of customer service, sales and marketing, and public relations professionals, will focus on delivering a positive social experience for each and every one of its users.YouTube, as part of the Google universe, is undoubtedly the best place to be, but short-form engaging video content/storytelling on Vine and Instagram will become more important.Cassidy/Alexander Catalog # 41-96.Search will be a particularly important component for small businesses to monitor.Holly Berkley, author, The Social Media Advantage: An Essential Handbook for Small Business.
Massive change is no longer on the horizonits here.
Because of the changes best card games to play at a casino in how customers are communicating with the brands they follow, companies will begin developing strategic customer support teams.