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Great : Really good show.
Now, Masamune-kun is ready to confront the girl who bullied him so many years ago and humiliate her at last.
Mean spirited comedies only ever really work if said meanness can also be pointed towards itself, and this seems way too self-indulgent for that so Im not sure what the appeal here is supposed.Fortunently it doesnt sound as rushed as that would imply, and everything here was perfectly servicable, if not great.Fat shaming in and off itself is a tired trope and one that anime never does particular well and this pretty much continues the trend.Decent : Has some okay elements.What it currently is, is a fairly by-the-numbers fanservice romance show, with almost all of the usual tropes that implies, meaning that whether or not you can get through these first two episodes online casino software jackpot winners (they must really be a hurry to get to the actual show).Of course its far more likely Ill have to burn my way through some stinkers first so without any further ado, lets get started.Its the start of a new year, which also means its the start of a new anime season.Ratings Scale, bad : Stay away far away from this one.What I got instead was something more akin to a gender reversed version of last seasons Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru where its a cute girls doing cute things type deal with some action stuff mixed in and a generic fantasy plot.Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel, synopsis : Goryoukan Academy is a new private senior/junior high school for girls with a vast downtown campus.The fact that were supposed to on some level, root for him giving her comeuppance by crushing her feelings just makes it all the worse, and while itll obviously go through a more traditional romance route at some point, there really isnt anything here.Ever since hes discovered the demis, one young man has become obsessed with them.Rating : Decent, masamune-kuns Revenge.