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Gills free, white or buff, often becoming rusty in age or when bruised, close, edges even, in one to three tiers, often not reaching the margin.
Stalk.514.5 cm long, top 410 mm thick; equal or somewhat expanded below; hollow; pale silky fibrous above the ring, shaggy below with woolly scales the color and live roulette online 3 million texture of those on the cap margin.(27) Mushroom grows on lawns, roadsides; stalk is usually longer than cap diameter; dried gills are dark Leucoagaricus naucinus Leucoagaricus naucinus (Fries) Singer CAP 310 cm wide, convex aging to plane and uplifted; with a suede-like feel; disc not raised, either light gray or whitish.Hortensis (Pilát) Wasser stalk base has a marginate bulba flat-topped bulb that usually has a ridged perimeter.Microscopic features spores (7.9) 910.5 (12).37.5 (9) m; elliptic to oval; with a small germ pore; colored in Melzers; cheilocystidia abundant; pleurocystidia absent; cap cuticle interwoven to ascending hyphae, many cells slightly inflated, upper cells often pale brown.Hortensis Macrolepiota rachodes var.(1) Mushroom grows indoors.(24) Scratched lower stalk stains yellow, orange, or red (may fade) 36 35b.Gills free, white, close, edges minutely fringed, in one or two tiers, not changing color when rubbed.Habitat near rotting wood.Cut flesh stains yellowish or remains unchanged 30 30a.Führung des Filialteams, erreichen der geplanten Filialziele hinsichtlich Umsatz, Kosten und Ertrag.Margin of cap is smooth or has obscure fibrous scales; margin of expanded cap is even; mushroom grows in forests Lepiota sequoiarum Lepiota sequoiarum Murrill CAP 14 cm wide, conic becoming flat and upturned; disc usually raised, smooth, buff; margin incurved becoming flat, developing obscure.For the new name for what is described here, Chlorophyllum olivieri.Ring yellowish or pinkish brown; cottony; not persistent.
(18) Lower stalk has scales with a crusty cuticle (use a lens) 21 20b.
Keys to Agarics and Boleti.